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Latvian minister considers automatic health insurance fee for those under «partial tax regime»

Anda Čakša/Saeima Chancellery.
We have to consider adopting automatic health insurance fees for people under «partial tax regime», said Latvian Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša after a meeting of coalition parties.

She reminded that this year’s increased social fees have brought the budget a total of EUR 85 million. This funding has been used to provide medical personnel larger wages.

The minister says – in the future it will be necessary to look at options to introduce an automatic fee for people under «partial tax regime» so that they would not have to keep it in mind on their own. «We should consider adding 1% to tax rates that are currently low,» says the minister.

For example, if a person only receives royalties, they have to pay and join compulsory health insurance system on their own, the minister explains. «If royalties were added with an additional 1%, there would be a foundation there, and people would not have to keep it all in their heads,» she adds. She added that all this is currently in the concept stage. Coordination with Saeima’s already made decisions will soon happen.

Augusts Brigmanis, chairman of the Union of Greens and Farmers faction, stressed that this is not about increasing taxes. Čakša agreed, adding that, this is about sorting out fees.

The Healthcare Minister says more than 90% of people in Latvia are automatically insured. Most of the remaining 10%, on the other hand, are people who may join the general insurance system. Only 1.6% of people have some concerns, because their income is irregular and small.

As previously reported, while searching for additional funding for healthcare, the government came up with the Healthcare Financing Law last year. The decision regarding state health insurance was included there.

The law states that next year provision of healthcare will be associated with social payments. This means all residents will be eligible for a minimum of state healthcare services. Access to full range of services will depend on whether or not a resident has insurance.


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