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Ten-year-old buried alive in sand cliff landslide in Liepaja

Photo: pihabay.com.
A ten year old boy was buried alive in a landslide of a sand cliff along the sea coast in Liepaja last week. «There were many people there when it happened. All of them immediately ran to dig the boy out when it happened. Unfortunately, they did not make it in time to save him,» BNN was told by Latvian State Police representative Signe Šteinberga.

BNN contacted Šteinbergu and found out that the boy was with his mother and another woman at the beach, specifically in the place between the forts at the Monument to Mariners Lost at Sea and the Northern Forts near the wind energy generator. The boy was some distance away from the two women when a landslide occurred from the sand cliffs, burying him alive. Rescuers were notified of this immediately.

This tragic incident took place in Liepaja at 18:30 on Friday, 3 August.

Šteinberga said police officers do not remember such an incident ever taking place in the city. Even now they are still shocked over what happened.

A criminal process has been launched.


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