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KPV LV party submits 13th Saeima candidate list – Gobzems at the very end

Publicity photo.
KPV LV political party has chosen Artuss Kaimiņš as its leading candidate in Riga. Aldis Gobzems, who is the party’s prime minister candidate, is the last number on the list, according to the document submitted to the Central Election Commission.

The party’s leading candidate in Vidzeme is businesswoman and KPV LV co-chairperson Linda Liepiņa. In Latgale, the party’s headliner is Dr. Roberts Spručs. Zemgale’s candidate list of the party starts with Jekabpils Council deputy Kaspars Ģirģens. As its headliner in Kurzeme, KPV LV has picked the party’s co-chairman Atis Zakatistovs, according to the list submitted to SES.

Musician and the host of Rampas Ugunis RigaTV24 programme has announced his desire to join KPV LV and start together in upcoming 13th Saeima elections. He will be the party’s ninth number in Riga.


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