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UGF received nearly two-thirds of all donations paid to parties in June

Augusts Brigmanis, UGF leader/flickr.com.
In June 2018, the Union of Greens and Farmers received the most generous donations among Latvia’s political parties. EUR 98,599 or 62.7% of donations paid to political parties in that month were received by UGF, according to information from the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

The largest donation – EUR 20,000 – was received from Jāņis Krauklis. EUR 7,500 was donated by Irina Mačuka. EUR 5,000 was donated by Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša, businessman Armands Lībietis and Valters Bergs.

EUR 3,000 was donated by Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis, whereas the chairman of Latvia’s Farmers Union Augusts Brigmanis donated to the party EUR 1,000.

KPV LV is on second place when it comes to received donations – EUR 10,330 in June. KPV LV also had the largest number of supporters – 271 or 54.2% of the total number of donators.

Unity is third with donations of EUR 9,401. Harmony received donations worth EUR 6,640; Honour to Serve Riga – EUR 6,000; For Latvia’s Development – EUR 5,000; Kustība Par! – EUR 4,800; New Conservative Party – EUR 4,421; National Alliance – EUR 3,550, and Progressive party with EUR 2,751.

In the first half-year of 2018, UGF received EUR 313,342 in donations, Harmony received EUR 166,923, and Unity received EUR 149,285.


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