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Still no clarity about data protection matters in Latvia’s hospitals

Jevgēņijs Kalējs/mixnews.lv.
Currently there is no general clarity in regards to realization of data protection matters in hospitals, said chairman of Latvian Hospitals Association Jevgēņijs Kalējs after his meeting with Healthcare Ministry’s representatives.

He says the ministry told the association that hospital managers were told clearly what should be done to ensure appropriate data protection. However, information provided from the ministry in some places goes against recommendations from Data State Inspectorate.

Kalējs says the ministry urged representatives of the association and hospital managers to be ‘loyal and open towards patients’, which is different from what is requested by Data State Inspectorate. This includes identification of patients and the order for formation of queues. Hospital representatives do agree with the ministry’s position, Kalējs adds.

At the same time, he adds that because different approaches are observed, Hospital Association hopes Justice Ministry’s formed work group will also invite members of the association to meetings in order to discuss data protection matters, because many aspects currently remain unclear.

As it is known, the EU General Data Protection Regulation came to force 24 May 2016.

This regulation dictates much stricter requirements for approval of personal data processing. Under this regulation, service providers added certain changes to different applications, questionnaires and other customer data collection forms.


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