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SRS found violations at 94% of inspected trade locations

State Revenue Service performed preventive inspections around Latvia in June. A total of 821 traders were checked. Violations were noted in 94% of cases, as reported by the service.

Inspections were performed to study the actual situation and consult traders.

SRS notes that only some of the inspected trade locations used cash registers and cash systems that fit technical requirements. In 754 cases inspected cash register systems were not compliant with new requirements.

«In 44 cases SRS inspectors found that traders were not registering all purchases. In almost as many cases inspectors concluded that the money stored in cash registers does not match what was stated on printed documents. Other violations were noted as well. This includes nine cases of absent employment contract with employees,» the service reports.

SRS Tax Control Office director Sandra Kārkliņa-Ādmine notes: «We put an emphasis on consult first principle, turning taxpayers’ attention towards their mistakes. We also invited traders to fix mistakes without applying sanctions.»


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