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Charging electric car to cost 15 cents per minute in Latvia

As Latvia builds its network of 150 quick charging stations for electric vehicles, the Latvian government has approved the cost of the service at 15 euro cents per minute with the value added tax.

The Latvian Ministry of Transport stated on Wednesday, June 13: «Carrying out a project of the European Regional Development Fund, the Road Traffic Safety Directorate has built a network of quick charging stations for electric vehicles on the main roads in the country. 70 charging stations across Latvia will start operating in July this year».

At a government sitting on Tuesday, June 12, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the cost for charging the batteries of an electric vehicle at 0.15 euros for one minute of charging, which would result in a price of about 3.70 euros for a 100-kilometre trip.

It is planned to continue the work on the development of the network in the country and until 2012, to set up a total of 150 quick charging stations.


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