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Baltic Pride in Riga supported by Baltic Social Democratic parties

Photo: pixabay.com.

At the Baltic Pride rally in Riga on Saturday, the group of the party Progressives will be joined by representatives from the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party and the LGBT+ organisation Vikerroos from Estonian Social Democrats.

The Baltic Pride rally will take place in the Latvian capital on June 9.

According to a press release by the Latvian political party, the Progressives, in the rally, the Social Democratic group will also be joined by participants of the meeting of the youth organisations of the Social Democratic Parties of the Baltic Sea region, representing the parties of Germany, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.

Chairman of the Progressives, Roberts Putnis, noted that in Latvia, discrimination and restrictions in the field of personal rights and the public discourse is a serious problem for the community of sexual minorities that it faces in its every-day life.

«Latvia is a country with one of the lowest standards in ensuring LGBT+ rights among the member states of the European Union and it is linked to a lack of political will to care for social unity and respect for diversity and the different in Latvian society as a part of our common democratic identity,» explained Putnis.


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