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Draft resolution calling for Justice Minister Rasnacs' resignation submitted to Saeima

Dzintars Rasnacs/flickr.com.
A draft resolution signed by opposition lawmakers and calling for Justice Minister Dzintars Rasnacs’ (National Alliance) resignation has been submitted to the parliament, MP Romans Mezeckis told LETA.

Since Mezeckis has succeeded in gathering the necessary number of signatures, Saeima will now have to decide on this proposal.

The petition calling for Rasnacs’ resignation has been signed by 16 opposition MPs, including from Harmony and For Latvia from the Heart, as well as unaffiliated parliamentarians, including Mezeckis.

The lawmakers demanding Rasnacs’ resignation argued that the justice minister has failed to ensure a proper supervision of the Insolvency Administration and that the system has been left virtually unattended.

“The minister can neither lead the ministry to ensure it performs it functions nor can he supervise the Insolvency Administration,” the opposition lawmakers said in their argumentation.

The Latvian Association of Regions (LRA) has submitted a separate petition for Rasnacs’ resignation, which has been signed by ten lawmakers.

The LRA faction in Saeima holds that the justice minister is responsible for Latvia’s flawed legislation regulating the work of insolvency administrators and as a consequence Rasnacs should take responsibility for violations of law in this area. All these years, insolvency processes have only been benefiting the administrators and not the state, LRA representatives claimed.

Commenting the calls for his resignation to LETA, Rasnacs said through his spokesman Andris Vitenburgs that “this will be a great opportunity to publicly inform Saeima and the wider public about the already implemented reforms and works that have yet to be done to ensure the supervisory system for the insolvency process.”

As reported, Mezeckis told the Saeima Public Expenditure Committee on June 5 that he would start gathering signatures under a petition calling for Rasnacs' resignation.

Mezeckis reminded that he had already asked Rasnacs to step down while addressing a Saeima plenary last week. Mezeckis believes that Rasnacs has to resign over the recent developments in insolvency administration, and Mezeckis is confident that he will be able to collect the necessary number of signatures.

According to the law, a minister may be asked to step down if no less than 10 MPs sign a petition calling for the minister's resignation.



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