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CFCA invites universities to apply for EU fund support

Photo: foto.lu.lv.
Central Finance and Contracting Agency has announced an open project selection for higher education institution. With help from European Union funds, universities will be able to strengthen academic personnel in strategic specialization fields.

European Social Fund intends to allocate more than EUR 17 million for this.

Funding for higher education institutions (except state-founded colleges) will be allowed to be received for at least a year-long involvement of doctoral students in academic work, as well as attraction of foreign academic personnel for at least six months.

ESF co-financing is intended to help strengthen competence of academic personnel. This includes development of professional, English language, leadership and cooperation skills, the agency notes.

It is currently planned that ESF support will help employ 249 doctoral students, attract 178 foreign tutors and help raise the competence of 675 university employees.

CFCA notes that the total funding is EUR 20,340,686, which consists of EUR 17,289,583 funding from ESF and state budget co-financing of EUR 3,051,103.

Education and Science Ministry will be the institution responsible for the programme.


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