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Five of Latvian Healthcare Ministry’s institutions to be reorganized

Anda Caksa? the Head of the Health Ministry/Saeima Chancellery.
To form an optimal structure of institutions managed by Healthcare Ministry, Latvian government plans to perform their reorganization. This will help review the main functions performed by those institutions, improve administration of healthcare services, health data analysis, as well as provide support to healthcare institutions in patient security affairs.

The main changes are planned in relation to organization of strategic procurements, data analysis capacity, monitoring functions and organization of a quality healthcare process.

Reorganization is expected to ensure that use of state budget funds in healthcare is performed by one institution – National Health Service. The State Labour Inspectorate will take over decision-making processes in relation to payment of compensations from the Treatment Risk Fund.

Disease Prevention and Control Centre will be developed as a methodical support institution for medical institutions for treatment quality and patient safety affairs. Because treatment quality and patient safety are closely dependent on clinical guidelines, clinical algorithms, and indexes to provide the full spectrum of support, it is planned to delegate clinical guideline evaluation and registration functions to Disease Prevention and Control Centre.

Approval and assessment of medical technologies employed in the treatment process will be delegated to the State Agency of Medicines. Because approval of the majority of medical technologies (medicines and medical equipment) is already performed by the State Agency of Medicines, it only makes sense to concentrate such functions in a single institution.

It is also planned to liquidate the State Sports Medical Centre and reform it into Latvian Anti-doping Bureau.

Healthcare Ministry plans to start reorganization of aforementioned institutions in July.


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