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CC: residents have difficulties with acquiring compensated medicines

Photo: pixabay.com.
Competition Council invites residents who have experienced difficulties with acquiring compensated medicines in Latvia’s pharmacies to participate in a survey before it wraps up on Monday, 16 April.

After the first week of the survey, CC noticed that more than half of respondents have had difficulties with acquiring necessary medicines.

Date shows that more than 60% of Latvian residents have experienced difficulties with purchasing compensated medicines. For a quarter of respondents, this has affected their treatment process. Problems are observed in private and network pharmacies across all of Latvia, the council mentions.

If residents experience similar problems purchasing compensated medicines from B list, CC invites to participate in a survey until it wraps up on Monday, 16 April. CC turns attention that the survey focuses on 12 compensated medicines for treatment of cardiovascular, bone, hormone system, cancer, diabetes, virus and respiratory system diseases. Residents are also invited to speak out about difficulties with purchasing medicines included on the list.

More than 100 residents have taken part in the survey over the course of one week, CC reports.


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