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Latvian police detain several people for distributing narcotic and psychotropic substances

As part of measures to combat circulation of illegal and psychotropic substances in March, officers of Zemgale Region Criminal Police Department detained several individuals and launched several criminal processes, as confirmed by State Police.

One 1998-born man was detained by police in Jelgava on 1 March for illegal storage of narcotic and psychotropic substances. Officers confiscated more than 2 g of especially dangerous substances – dried cannabis.

On 6 March, police detained two men in Jelgava. One of the suspects – a 1980-born man – had on him a package containing 2 g of marijuana, which was confiscated by police. The other detained person – a 1998-born man – had on him 3 g of marijuana.

On 21 March police detained a 1986-born man for illegal storage, transport and selling of narcotic and psychotropic substances. The man was intercepted by police officers while driving his car on A8 road in Ozolnieki County. During a thorough search in the man’s home, police confiscated a plastic bottle containing a brown liquid.

Police also report that a 1982-born man was detained in Jelgava on 22 March. The man was caught selling cocaine. Police confiscated three packages containing a powder – cocaine. On 26 March, police confiscated 3 g of amphetamine from a 1993-born man. On 27 March, police confiscated 2 g of heroin from a 1981-born man.

All confiscated narcotic substances were sent to a laboratory for tests.


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