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Prosecutor: security measures against Rimšēvičs do not breach EU jurisdiction

Ēriks Kalnmeiers/gov.lv.
Latvia’s law enforcement institutions did not breach EU jurisdiction by applying security measures against the governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs, says prosecutor general Ēriks Kalnmeiers.

In an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT, the prosecutor mentioned that Latvia’s jurisdiction is sovereign and there cannot be restrictions on the fight against corruption. There cannot be restrictions on measures applied to high-ranking state officials if there are justified reasons to suspect them of corruption.

He allowed that there may have been mistranslation of used terminology. Rumours have also been voiced that the governor of the Bank of Latvia was dismissed from his post. Kalnmeiers said that security measures have been applied to Rimšēvičs, including a prohibition to perform his duties. Security measures have been imposed for the duration of the investigation. Rimšēvičs remains in his post.

The prosecutor general also mentioned that the investigation of Rimšēvičs’ case is progressing in accordance with the plan. Investigative and procedural activities are being performed. Preparation of a report for the European Court of Justice also continues.

On Friday, 6 April, European Central Bank confirmed sending a request to the European Court of Justice to assess measures used by Latvian authorities against the governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs, who is suspected of bribery.

ECB has asked the court to ‘decide if Latvian authorities have violated European legislation’ by applying restrictions for Rimšēvičs to take post as governor of the Bank of Latvia and attend meetings organized by European Central Bank.

ECB President Mario Draghi mentioned during a press-conference in March that the bank’s council does not have enough information in relation to this particular case. He added that the court would be asked to provide its conclusion on this matter.

Rimšēvičs’ lawyers, meanwhile, have turned to European Court of Justice to challenge the aforementioned restrictions. Lawyer Saulvedis Vārpiņš had previously said that a case has been launched against the Latvian state.


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