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Prosecutor General: investigation of Bank of Latvia governor’s case will not take years

Ilmārs Rimšēvičs/flickr.com/Bank of Latvia.
«Currently there is no reason to believe that the investigation of the case involving the governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs could take years,» said prosecutor general Ēriks Kalnmeiers in an interview to Dienas Bizness.

He says he is personally interested in seeing the process come to a conclusion and determine the truth, because there is a high-ranking official involved in it. «If some additional actions or resources are needed, approval will be provided. However, there is no reason to believe the case would take years,» says Kalnmeiers.

As previously reported, Rimšēvičs is held suspect by Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau of demanding and accepting a large bribe worth at least EUR 100,000. Businessman Māris Martinsons was initially arrested for possible support of this crime, but was later released.

CPCB notes that this criminal case is not associated with other credit institutions working in Latvia, US Finance Ministry’s reports in regards to operations performed by ABLV Bank, or the potential litigation between the Latvian state and Norvik Bank. It may be indirectly associated with Trasta komercbanka, which CPCB or Rimšēvič can neither confirm nor deny.


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