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Police to check possible third party involvement in work of RB Rail

Baiba Rubesa/twitter.com.
Latvian State Police Economic Crimes Combating Office has commenced an investigation of information stated by Baiba Rubesa, chairperson of Baltic joint company RB Rail, in regards to a possible involvement of a third party in the work performed by the company, as confirmed by State Police press-representative Gita Gžibovska.

After the investigation police will decide if there are reasons to commence a criminal process in regards to Rubesa’s statements. The investigation was commenced following an application from an anonymous person.

Estonian and Lithuania shareholders in RB Rail expressed distrust to Rubesa during 1 February meeting. Latvian RB Rail shareholder Andris Linužs abstained in the vote. A decision in regards to this vote will be made at the next RB Rail meeting, which is scheduled for 22 March.

After the meeting, Rubesa told journalists that the company’s management is forced to deal with opposition from certain members of the council and actual beneficiaries. «Certain RB Rail council members sit in two seats. They are simultaneously Rail Baltica shareholders, realizers and potential suppliers. We constantly experience interference from higher ups in procurement processes and personnel selection for the board of RB Rail,» said Rubesa.

Lithuanian side has announced that Rubesa’s statements about mutual arguments among shareholders are unjustified and may put at risk the project’s stability and sustainability.

In the interview published 15 February by Ir magazine, Rubesa explained the company has seen interference «from above» in RB Rail’s activities. The law was not breached, however. With that, there was no need to report anything to law enforcement institutions.

RB Rail is a joint Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian company that was formed to realize Rail Baltic project.


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