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LSRTC: Zaķusala TV Tower’s reconstruction will cost several dozen million euros

Image: youtube.com.
According to chairman of Latvia’s State Radio and Television Centre (LSRTC) Jānis Bokta, reconstruction of Zaķusala TV Tower will cost several dozen million euros.

Estimated costs will become known in November. Nevertheless, estimated costs already range within several tens of millions of euros. «The structure is massive and there is a lot of work to do. We expect costs to be around several dozen million euros. But I would rather avoid speculations about any precise costs,» said Bokta.

He said development of the technical plan is going according to plan.

«We expect the project to be handed to us in November so that we can commence technical assessment and get conclusions and permits from the construction office and other organizations. The process could take half a year. Work is progressing intensely. Talks with institutions continue all the time. We will not allow a situation when organizations are presented with the document at the last moment,» said Bokta, adding that public discussions have commenced as well.

Everything is going according to plan. LSRTC may commence procurement procedures at the end of the year. «Once we receive the reconstruction project and find out the exact territory and technical solutions for the project, we will be able to commence procurement of construction services. Our plan is to sign the contract for construction work next year. This also means closing the tower for public access,» said the head of LSRTC.

He also says that it is the desirable scenario. Still, there is a lot that can ruin plans before the end of the year. «For example, the technical project’s examination could reveal some other problem that could require more time and resources to resolve. This is why we want to commence procurements soon. We expect a great deal of interest,» said Bokta.

At the same time, he admits that next year may turn challenging, considering that a very active process for realization of EU finances has commenced, and builders have no shortage of work. This could have an effect on the speed and price of work.

As for the funding method to be used for the reconstruction of the TV tower, Bokta mentioned that state funding will not be requested. «We will combine funding – use our own funds and get additional funding from selling property. We will not request funding from the state,» he said.


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