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Latvian citizens arrested in Britain under suspicions of organizing slavery

Photo: flickr.com.
Five people were arrested in a joint international operation by Latvian and British law enforcement operatives, as confirmed by Latvian State Police.

Police say four of the suspects were arrested in Latvia. The court will decide on the extradition of Latvian citizens to be tried in Britain.

On Tuesday, 20 February, State Police Organized Crime Prevention Office’s Human Trafficking and Prostitution Combating Office, in cooperation with investigators in Britain, performed four arrests in Riga under suspicion of organizing recruitment of «modern-day slaves» for work in Britain.

«Arrests were performed as part of a previous criminal process, when in 2017 authorities in Latvia and Britain launched criminal processes in accordance with Part Three of Section 154.1 of the Criminal Law for human trade. It was reported then that six people were arrested for human trafficking in Britain. British police also found ten so-called modern slaves from Latvia,» State Police reminds.

As the investigation continued, UK court issued a warrant on the extradition of persons to be tried in Britain. Latvian and British authorities also formed a joint investigation group. On Tuesday, 20 February, Latvian and British police performed several searches in five apartment homes in Riga. As a result of those searches police put an arrest on three cars and several pieces of real estate property. Decision regarding possible confiscation will be made by the court.

Four Latvian citizens – two men and two women – were arrested. One other suspect – another woman – was arrested in Britain.

The court will decide on the extradition of Latvian citizens to be tried in Britain.


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