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Latvian authorities develop guidelines for corruption risk prevention

Photo: twitter.com.
Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) has developed guidelines for internal control systems, as well as measures for prevention of corruption and conflicts of interest for public persons in different institutions.

Reorientation of the anti-corruption policy from external to internal control has been established by CPCB as one of the main priorities for corruption prevention.

While performing corruption prevention functions, CPCB concluded that corruption prevention measures of different public administrations’ internal control systems vary. Often they depend on subjective factors – the level of competence of specialists working for institutions.

«Not all institutions have sufficient understanding of important anti-corruption measures. This limits possible measures for combating risks,» BNN was told by the anti-corruption bureau.

CPCB believes improvement of internal control systems is one of the most effective ways of reducing corruption risks in state and municipal institutions.

The goal behind guidelines is providing recommendations and assistance in risk prevention in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers requirements Nr.630 of 17 October 2017.

«The document developed by officials provides information and practical pieces of advice on forming internal anti-corruption environment, as well as analysing, identifying and assessing corruption risks and coming up with anti-corruption measures. For example, a list of posts subjected to corruption risks can serve as a tool for leaders of institutions to help them better assess risks and establish additional measures to reduce them,» CPCB explains.


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