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Corruption watchdog spots prohibited donations in Latvian political parties’ expenditures

Photo: twitter.com.
After checking declarations and pre-election campaigns of political parties in Latvia, authorities have found no records regarding EUR 80,592 in election expenditures and EUR 37,857 in restricted donations, according to data from the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB).

Last year, political parties spent a total of EUR 2.7 million in municipal election expenditures. Approximately half of this amount was spent on different advertisements. The largest expenses were for advertisements on radio, magazines, newspapers and other publications, as well as public locations.

19 parties and their associations stated false information in their declarations, avoiding declaration of finances worth EUR 80,592. The largest amount was ‘omitted’ by For Latvia’s Development – EUR 34,394.

Among the 19 parties in question are political forces like the Union of Greens and Farmers, Latvian Farmers Union, Latvian Green Party, Unity, Latvian Association of Regions, New Conservative party, Harmony, and the National Alliance.

CPCB has found that six parties accepted restricted donations from legal persons worth a total of EUR 37,857. Union of Greens and Farmers and the National Alliance are especially guilty of this. Those donations now have to be paid back to the state budget.

CPCB has found that UGF accepted a restricted donation of EUR 5,700 from a legal person for advertisements in public places. KNAB has also found out that UGF has not complied with regulations regarding publication of pre-election materials. The party has already paid back EUR 5,700 donation to the state budget.

Looking at violations committed by parties, KNAB uncovered that a total of 38 parties have breached requirements of the law. For three of them, no administrative violation cases were launched because of how unimportant their violations were. One case was sent to court, four parties were given verbal warnings, and thirty parties were applied with fines worth a total of EUR 7,610.


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