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Latvian citizen recently arrested by Security Police suspected of spying in Russia’s favour

Rihards Kozlovskis/flickr.com/Sseima.
A Latvian citizen recently arrested by Security Police us held suspect of spying in favour of the Russian Federation, as confirmed by Interior Affairs Minister Rihards Kozlovskis.

Kozlovskis did not comment on whether or not spying was associated with attempts to acquire military information.

Speaking of espionage threats, the minister mentioned that risks created by activities of foreign special services have not been as low as they are now. Still, some increase has been noticed over the last couple of years, considering the developing security situation in Baltic States.

He says that increasing NATO contingent in Latvia only increases foreign special services’ curiosity and efforts into finding out details about the alliance’s forces. Publicly reported information states that since December of the last year three people have been arrested in Lithuania on suspicion of spying in Russia’s favour. This demonstrates increasing interests of foreign special services for NATO activities in the Baltic States.

«I would like to say again that capacity of Latvian security institutions in recent years. Funding has also been increased. Thanks to that, Security Police has accomplished results. I would rather avoid drawing parallel lines between now and the time when SP has smaller funding. Amendments added to the Criminal Law in 2016 played a major role in increasing efforts to oppose risks created by foreign special services in Latvia,» said the minister.

As previously reported, Security Police has arrested some Latvian citizen, who is suspected of spying. The criminal process was launched 19 December 2016.

Lithuanian authorities report having arrested three people accused of spying in Russia’s favour so far.

According to information from the prosecutor’s office, a total of twelve people are held suspect of espionage in Lithuania. Five of them have already been given sentences not associated with deprivation of freedom.

In a separate case, LDz employee Aleksandrs Krasnopjorovs was arrested by Security Police in 2016 for spying in Russia’s favour. This case is viewed by Jelgava court.

In summer 2015, two Russian citizens were arrested after they broke into Latvian National Armed Forces in Adazi. Both were accused of spying and preparing a terrorist attack. Later, however, charges were changed to hooliganism. Both were sentenced to three months and twenty seven days in prison.


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