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MEP: conflict brewing between European Parliament and Germany about Nord Stream 2

Krišjānis Kariņš/flickr.com/epp group.
Germany’s decision to permit Gazprom to build Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in its territorial waters is against European Parliament’s position on this matter. A serious conflict is in the works between EP and Germany. So it is possible there could be even more opposition against Nord Stream 2, says MEP Krišjānis Kariņš from the People’s Party in the European Parliament.

Kariņš reminds that members of the parliament have always been against this project. They have invited the European Commission and member states to halt this project on multiple occasions. At the same time, the parliament is currently actively working on amendments to the Directive on Gas to ensure European Commission has a real weapon to stop this project.

«Nord Stream 2 is a geopolitical project that has no economic justification and is aimed at increasing European Union’s dependence on a single supplier. This project will also destabilize the situation in Ukraine and the entire region. The project does not fit Europe’s Energy Union’s goals and principles agreed upon by EU member states. This is why the parliament invites member states to refrain from making any decisions in regards to Nord Stream 2,» says the MEP.

As it is known, in spite of sanctions imposed against Russia, multiple major European energy companies have signed a contract with Russian Gazprom in regards to Nord Stream 2 pipeline’s construction. This, according to the European Parliament, only increases Europe’s dependence on a single supplier – Russia.


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