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Association shocked over Healthcare Ministry’s decision aimed against junior doctors

Photo: pixabay.com.
Latvian Healthcare Ministry has plans for a meeting to discuss wages of medical personnel. However, Latvian Medial Association’s (LMA) delegated representatives from Junior Physicians Association are not allowed to participate, says LMA representative Sendija Burka-Šaicanova.

She says that the matter regarding wages is the most problematic matter at the moment. This is especially problematic for doctors and residents who perform a great deal of work in university hospitals.

Because problems of junior doctors are of higher priority for LMA, the association decided to delegate representatives of the Junior Physicians Association to the meeting. The Healthcare Ministry, however, decided against allowing those representatives to take part in the meeting.

LMA president Pēteris Apinis says that this decision means lack of interest, negligence towards junior professionals and accurately describes the ministry’s policy. This kind of approach does not motivate young professionals to remain and work in Latvia, she added.

The ministry’s representative Oskars Šneiders says was happened was a misunderstanding, because on Monday, 29 January, a meeting was scheduled with hospital managers to discuss agreements with the National Health Service about provision of healthcare services.

Šneiders admits that it is planned to discuss doctors’ wages. Still, a separate meeting will be organized for doctors, including junior specialists later on.


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