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Debates: Russia’s aggressive behaviour in neighbouring countries creates risks

Ojārs Ēriks Kalniņš/twitter.com.
Strengthening of security should be made the main priority. Latvia’s and the entire region’s development depends on it, because welfare is only possible in a safe environment, said chairman of Saeima’s Foreign Affairs Committee Ojārs Ēriks Kalniņš during annual foreign affairs debates on Thursday, 25 January.

«Our security has never been as widely supported as it is today. NATO policy in the region is one of the largest diplomatic accomplishments in the past decade,» said Kalniņš.

He added that security threats exist all the time, and that Russia’s aggressive behaviour in its neighbouring countries, international terrorism, uncontrolled influx of refugees, continued nuclear proliferation, hybrid war threats create serous challenges for the world in the 21st century.

«Tighter cooperation should be our response,» said Kalniņš, emphasizing the importance of NATO and European Union.

«If we want to work with the world, we have to protect it as well to make it safe and stable. Solidarity with our allies is not an empty phrase. It is comprised of actual and strategic activities,» he added.

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee emphasizes that Latvia’s foreign policy course has not only helped make Latvia stronger and more stable but has also provided expansive opportunities for every individual or business that wishes to develop on an international level.

«At the same time, this mobility has increased emigration. Latvia has two possible responses: do everything Latvia can to make sure as few people as possible leave the country and many more return, and use the rich and experienced international resource to promote Latvia’s interests in the world. Globalisation should serve our interests, and we have to improve cooperation with Latvians living abroad,» says Kalniņš.


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