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Latvia shares experience in civil rights reforms with Uzbekistan

Igors Apokins/flickr.com.
Uzbekistan is one of Latvia’s priority countries for development of cooperation. Considering Uzbekistan’s launched reforms for state administration, Latvia is ready to continue offering support and sharing experience, says Foreign Ministry’s special assignment ambassador Igors Apokins.

On Monday, 22 January, the ambassador participated in the opening of a project organized by Riga Graduate School of Law titled Training Programme: Latvia’s Experience to Central Asia in the Field of Transparency and Anti-corruption. He also met with representatives of the government of Uzbekistan, who arrived in Riga to learn more of Latvia’s experience in realizing civil service reforms and ensuring transparency. The project is financed by the US government and supported by Latvian Foreign Ministry.

At the opening of the project, Apokins mentioned that a transparent and efficient state administration is the foundation for sustainable development and welfare for society. He expressed hope that experience passed in Riga will help participants of the project contribute to Uzbekistan’s further development.

Apokins also thanked the US government for supporting the project and Riga Graduate School of Law for its contribution in handing down Latvia’s experience to Uzbekistan and other partner states.

From 22 to 26 January Uzbekistan delegation will be studying Latvia’s experience in realizing civil service, judicial system and other state administration transparency-improving measures. Training will include seminars and visits to Latvian state administration institutions.

Uzbekistan’s delegation is the first among Central Asian countries that have arrived in Riga to participate in training. Other countries planning to send delegations to Riga for training and exchange of experience include Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.


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