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Total tax debts in Latvia reach 1.217 billion euros at beginning of 2018

Photo: pixabay.com.
At the beginning of the year, total tax debts in Latvia, including existing debts, halted debts and debts with extended repayment debts, reached EUR 1.217 billion, which is 3% less when compared with the previous month, as reported by the State Revenue Service.

A debt of EUR 749,811 million was registered for the state budget, which is a decline of 3.8% when compared with the beginning of December 2017. The debt calculated for municipal budgets comes to EUR 310,954 million, which is 1.5% less, whereas debts of social insurance fees were around EUR 156,195 million, which is 2.1% in comparison with December.

According to data from SRS, existing debts for which penalties for missed payments have been calculated accounted for 63.2% of the total debt or EUR 768,658 million.

Data also shows that debts worth a total of EUR 9,224 million were declared unenforceable as of 1 January 2018. Those debts formed as a result of businesses being liquidated before the end of liquidation procedure.

Debts worth EUR 759,434 million were declared enforceable as of 1 January 2018. This includes debts worth EUR 161,336 million, which were declared actually enforceable, and debts worth EUR 598,097 million, which were declared unenforceable. Of the debts declared unenforceable, debtors owing a total of EUR 595,984 million have no money or property to enforce from. Limitation of enforcement has come for debts worth EUR 2,114 million.

On 1 January, extension for repayment was provided to debts worth EUR 113,392 million.

One month ago – December 2017 – the total amount of tax debts in Latvia was equal to EUR 1,245 billion.


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