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Saeima’s Oligarchs case investigative committee hastily approves final report

Inguna Sudraba/flickr.com.
In spite of objections, grammatical errors, criticisms about lacking effort, as well as Inguna Sudraba’s unfit status to lead the committee, members decided to move the meeting from 11:00 to 08:00 and approve the final report in a rushed vote.

Even before the meeting, Andrejs Judins requested the chairperson to provide reasons as to why the meeting was rescheduled. He also voiced concerns that it is not possible to discuss all matters in only thirty minutes. He also mentioned that the report contains a number of grammatical errors and inaccuracies. He was not allowed to finish, however, and his words fell on deaf ears. Inguna Sudraba said that members of the committee spent six hours on Monday, discussing proposals. In the end, the committee agreed on the final redaction of the report. In spite of errors, the vote was performed and the meeting hastily closed.

Members of the committee also exchanged harsh words during the meeting. Ainārs Mežulis urged his colleagues to stop arguing, whereas Igors Pimenovs instead asked his fellow member of the committee to not impede the progress of the meeting. Video footage from the meeting shows no desire to listen to concerns regarding possible problems with the work performed by the committee.

Sudraba asked members of the committee to stop focusing on the many mistakes in the report and instead move on to the vote. Four members voted in favour of the report – Sudraba, Mežulis, Pimenovs, and Mārtiņš Šics.

Judins, on the other hand, decided to stick to his guns and request repeated discussion of certain new points. Sudraba, however, said the report does not mention anything members of the committee have not talked about. Judins’ proposal was rejected by the majority – only he and Ritvars Jansons voted in favour. Even at the end of the meeting Sudraba did not allow Judins to talk. She simply ended the meeting and left her seat.

Judins mentioned multiple times that the meeting was more like a farce, and repeatedly asked his fellow members to fulfil their duties. His proposals were ignored in the end.

It was initially planned that the committee would gather after the parliament’s meeting at 11:00 a.m. However, Sudraba informed her colleagues in the evening on Wednesday that the meeting would be held at 08:30 – before the parliament’s meeting.

With To Latvia from The Heart faction falling apart, Saeima’s members could have decided to dismiss Sudraba from the post of the head of the committee.


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