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Court maintains pledge on former LAR leader’s bank accounts and owned property

Mārtiņš Bondars/flickr.com.
Court has applied pledge status on property and bank accounts owned by Riga City Council member Mārtiņš Bondars to enforce EUR 15 million from him as part of Latvijas Krajbanka criminal case, as reported by TV3 News.

The programme reports that Bondars’ owned property and wage was pledged to ensure enforcement in autumn last year. Bondars now receives a minimal wage from his EUR 1,000 monthly wage in Riga City Council. The remaining amount is retained as guarantee for enforcement of EUR 15 million.

In June 2017, Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court ruled in favour of enforcement of EUR 15 million from seven former board members of Latvijas Krajbanka, as previously confirmed by public relations consultant Oskars Fīrmanis.

Former Latvijas Krajbanka board members had issued several loans to Seychelles and Cyprus-based businesses without sufficient economic justifications and had taken over guarantees.

Latvijas Krajbanka’s insolvency administrator KPMG Baltics submitted a lawsuit against former board members to enforce losses caused to the bank in 2015.

The ruling has been appealed in Riga Regional Case. The court plans to view the case on 24 April, according to available information. 

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