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A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.
Michel de Montaigne
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Study: more than half of Latvians do not trust other people

52% of Latvian residents believe most people cannot be trusted. Only 5% of residents are ready to trust their fellow man. Less than one-fifth of Latvian residents trust decision-makers, according to results of a study performed by SKDS.

«Trust is one of the main conditions for forming a strong and democratic country,» says LAMPA director Ieva Morica. «This is why the central value of this year’s festival in trust.»

Morica continues: «Study shows that the problem us trust is common for every one of us. But I would like to invite people to think critically and consider trusting others. We are all part of the same country. Only together can we create a strong, democratic and well-developed Latvia that we can call home. We would live much better if we could create an environment in which we could trust each other and the state. This festival will allow residents to learn more about this and look for ways to prepare a fertile soil for the future,» says LAMPA director.

The festival’s programme will be a gift to Latvia for its centenary. Everyone is invited to come over and participate from 15th January to 28 February.

There are no restrictions for topics and format of events. People can hold serious talks, creative workshops, as well as theatre game and thought-provoking installations. Applications will be considered in a contest, in accordance with the festival’s manifest and other criteria, organizers say.

The festival will be organized for the fourth year at Cesis Castle Park throughout 29-30 June. The number of interested people increases with every year. LAMPA festival is non-commercial. Entry is free of charge.


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