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Security Police: terrorism threat level will remain high in Europe

Photo: State Police.
The terrorism threat level in Europe will remain high. Terrorist attacks will likely be performed by solo terrorists, Latvian Security Police states.

Europe had a high terrorism level last year as well. This was demonstrated by a large number of terrorist attacks that took place in EU member states in 2017. In spite of considerable losses Daesh terrorist organization has suffered in the past year, it continues spreading radical Islamic ideology, inspiring supporters in Europe to perform acts of terrorism.

Security Police predicts that existing terrorism trends will remain in 2018. Islamic terrorist organizations based in foreign countries and domestic terrorists will create serious risks for Europe’s security.

Domestic terrorists, who often act individually, remain the main threat subjects in Europe. Analysing the goals behind terrorist attacks and ways they are performed, it can be concluded that most attacks are aimed against people who gather in public places, police say.

Use of improvised explosives is also an often-used weapon by terrorists. Police officers and soldiers have become targets for attacks as well. Another emerging type of attack used by terrorists is ramming large crowds of people using a heavy vehicle. It is likely terrorists will keep using this type of attack because it creates a large number of victims and creates panic.

The level of terrorism threat remained low in Latvia. It is expected to remain like that this year as well. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that trends noted in Europe also directly apply to Latvia. For example, there has been noticed an increase in support of ISIS activities and radical interpretation of Islamic ideals among Latvian residents, Security Police states.

Considering all of the above, Security Policy continues carefully following developments in Europe and the world. Authorities also regularly organize training for counter-terrorist units to improve their capabilities. Last year, training was organized in Mols shopping centre.

In addition, Security Police also cooperates with state and municipal institutions. Informative seminars are also regularly organized for representatives of Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Latgale and Zemgale municipalities.

Security Police notes that counter-terrorism and reaction measures are important to cities and counties. State and municipal workers are able to identify signs of radicalization and intervene in time to prevent serious risks.


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