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Court may reopen case about ex-prime minister’s cooperation with KGB

Ivars Godmaņis/flickr.com/Saeima.
Considering the recently reported information regarding the sudden disappearance of materials detailing ex-prime minister of Latvia Ivars Godmaņis’ cooperation with KGB from Jurmala City Court archive, Riga District Court decided to make an announcement.

Information states that a request was submitted to Riga District Court from the parliamentary committee researching KGB activities in Latvia on 3 October 2017. In it, the committee requested to be provided access to materials of a case viewed by Jurmala City Court in 1998. The case in question was associated with Ivars Godmaņis’ possible cooperation with KGB.

The court reports that materials of the case were submitted to Jurmala City Court from the Rehabilitation and Special Services Prosecutor’s office on 11 August 1998. The case was reviewed in court, and the ruling of 10 September 1998 concluded that no proof of Godmaņis’ cooperation with KGB was found during the session.

Considering that no materials of the case were found during the search in the archive, the chairman of Riga District Court ordered an internal inspection to determine the whereabouts of the materials in question.

Once the internal inspection was over and information from it analysed, it was concluded that no progress was made in determining the whereabouts of the case in question.

Considering results of the inspection, the court has exhausted all options to find materials, there is a justified reason to reopen a finished and reviewed criminal case in accordance with Section 383 of the Criminal Process Law.


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