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European Parliament member says Unity’s division process is over

Artis Pabriks/flickr.com.
Unity party’s division process is over, says European Parliament member from Latvia Artis Pabriks.

«People who were the tail-end of the party have all left,» said the politician, adding that every division is followed by a merge. According to Pabriks, consolidation process will commence at the beginning of next year. Although Unity wants to combine forces with other political forces for the next Saeima elections, Pabriks is confident that even without external assistance Unity would overcome 5% barrier.

«The idea of ending the fractured state of political forces and instead uniting modern-thinking politicians and entire parties to work together in the next Saeima elections came to me in November 2016, when preparations for Riga City Council elections commenced,» said Pabriks. Politicians Mārtiņš Bondars, Vents Armands Krauklis (Vidzeme’s party) and Juris Pūce (For Latvia’s Development) agree with this view.

He said that talks among parties will take place in December and January. «I think Unity will be open for cooperation with regional parties during those talks,» says Pabriks.

When asked about his personal role in the planned political union and if he is prepared to become a prime minister candidate, Pabriks said that it is too soon to speculate. «I’ve never said I would be leaving for Brussels to stay there. It is too soon to consider where my political career could take me next,» said the politician.

The MEP is confident that Latvia is in need of rich politicians and ministers. He says there are people like that in Unity. «Latvia’s political arena is not rich enough to keep tossing those people away every four years. It is possible there are people in Unity who should leave politics altogether. Nevertheless, most of Unity’s politicians are honest and hard-working,» said the MEP.

«Unity has been very fragmented on the inside lately. There has been a lack of internal discipline. This came at the expense of democracy. We failed to make appropriate conclusions as to which politicians should step down and which should take their place. But those are classic problems for political parties. I hope we will learn from our own and other parties’ mistakes. The new political union we want to form has to be able to move Latvia forward and make as few mistakes as possible,» said the MEP.


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