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Leader of Latvian Association of Regions announces his departure

Mārtiņš Bondars/flickr.com.
On Monday, 18 December, Riga City Council member Mārtiņš Bondars announced his decision to leave Latvian Association of Region (LAR). The politician had previously mentioned that LAR’s recent decisions seem unreasonable and unbeneficial to state interests.

«I spent the weekends thinking about my future in politics, the decisions made by Latvian Association of Regions and responsibility for the party’s entry of the 12th Saeima. I have decided to leave the party and distance myself from it. I am sorry to admit that the party suffers as well – the course taken by its leader Daiņis Liepiņš is not beneficial for the interests of Latvia’s residents,» says Bondars.

He continues: «It is highly important for political parties to reach an agreement and provide a good offer for upcoming Saeima elections. In its decisions, LAR supports cooperation with political parties one would not call European or favouring state interests. This is something I find unacceptable,» explains Bondars.

Explaining the party’s decisions and actions that motivated him to leave, Bondars mentioned several factors: «LAR is led by a person with a criminal record. This person’s mandate was taken away, but they continue influencing decisions made by LAR in the Saeima. Recently the head of LAR’s faction has said that it was the right decision to put Inguna Sudraba in charge of the oligarchs case parliamentary committee. Aside from that, I have noticed that under Daiņis Liepiņš’s influence the party has been moving closer towards the Union of Greens and Farmers. This definitely goes against the interests of Latvia’s people and the state,» said Bondars.

At the same time, Bonbdars says that he has formed good working relations with several politicians in Latvian Association of Regions and its Vidzeme party. He hopes to use them in the future. «I would like to thank all the people who worked on proposals important for Latvia while I was a member. I would also like to mention the cooperation we have formed with Vidzeme’s party. I hope our work will be useful to Latvia’s residents in the future,» said Bondars.

The politician explains that he will continue working in Riga City Council in spite of his decision. He also says that together with his associates he will continue working on uniting modern-thinking politicians to prevent the victory of pro-Moscow policy and oligarchs’ interests in next year’s Saeima elections.


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