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State Environment Service applies fine to Nordic Recycling for unprocessed waste

Latvian State Environment Service (SES) has finished reviewing reports submitted by Nordic Recycling on waste processing system’s function last year. The conclusion has been made that Nordic Recycling electrical appliances processing system does not comply with requirements set by regulations.

SES has decided to terminate contracts signed with this company by residents starting with 31 December 2017. The company will also no longer be exempt from paying Nature Resource Tax for electronic appliances starting from 1 January 2018.

«Nordic Recycling has failed to secure appropriate regeneration volume in processing electric appliances waste. Because of that SES calculated a fine to be applied to the company equal to EUR 128,440.80, which consists of Nature Resource Tax amount of EUR 12,844.08 and penalty amount of EUR 115,596.72,» explains SES.

To continue receiving tax reliefs, taxpayers can sign a contract with a different registered waste manager until 22 December.


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