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Mayor of Riga: New Hanza business quarter to improve city’s development

Nils Ušakovs/facebook1/@Nils Usakovs.
During his visit to New Hanza business and residence quarter, Chairman of Riga City Council Nils Ušakovs said that every project of this kind improves the quality of life in the city, create new space for apartments and offices, jobs and public-access buildings, as well as pull up the quality of life in surrounding territories.

The city council reports that New Hanza encompasses 24.5 ha. Aside from ABLV Bank’s main headquarters, office and apartment buildings, there will also a multifunctional entertainment centre, kindergarten and school, as well as Museum of Latvian Contemporary History and a garden with a wide recreational territory in the centre.

«Everything was done by private businessmen using their own funds, including building streets. Some ten years ago there was a poorly-managed district. Five years from now, it will look properly organized,» says the city’s chairman.

He continues: «It should be added that nearby Skanste’s territory will be developed along with this project. There it is planned to invest money from EU funds, municipal budget and private investors to build a tramway line, streets and communication facilities. This will help develop a new city centre with thousands of jobs.»

The city council also mentions that investors have already invested around EUR 50 million in the project. It is also planned to invest another EUR 40 million next year. The entertainment centre is planned to be finished in a year from now. The second stage of the infrastructure project is planned to be finished in 2019 with five new streets and improving a total area of 2.5 ha.

It should be said that New Hanza territory is located next to Skanste, which is planned to be developed in the future.


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