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Vaškevičs asked Latvian authorities to investigate death threats against him

Vladimirs Vaškevičs/facebook.com.
Bribery accused former deputy director of the State Revenue Service Vladimirs Vaškevičs, who has fled to Austria, says he had asked Latvia’s Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate an anonymous internet death threat.

On 22 November, someone calling themselves ‘Sams’ posted the following comment under an article detailing Vaškevičs’ life in Austria published on apollo.tvnet.lv: «There should be a doctor here in Latvia who would travel there and cure him [Vaškevičs] from all health problems for good using a silencer??? And put a bullet between Vilkaste’s eyes while he’s there, maybe. That would put an end to all worries.»

Businesswoman Ināra Vilkaste is Vaškevičs’ wife.

«After the bombing, setting fire to my car, persecuting my family members, I cannot take such threats like some dumb joke,» Vaškevičs posted on his Facebook page.

This is why Vaškevičs decided to turn to prosecutor general Ēriks Kalnmeiers with a request in which he asked authorities to perform the necessary measures, as well as check if the aforementioned comment contains signs of a crime – specifically a death threat.

Vaškevičs was arrested in winter 2011 under suspicion of bribery. He was later released for bail of EUR 85,372.

After his release, Vaškevičs travelled to Austria with the court’s permission. In Austria, according to Vaškevičs’ attorney Jeļena Kvjatkovska, her client’s health declined rapidly, which required surgery and lengthy treatment.


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