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Latvian government plans to improve state of fish resources in country’s waters

The government in Latvia has supported Agriculture Ministry’s report on increased subsidies from state budget for Fish Foundation. This report was prepared to make the use of state budget subsidies for achieving goals detailed in the Fisheries Law more efficient, as well as to improve the state of fish resources in the country’s waters.

An additional amount of EUR 207,723 will be allocated as subsidies for the Fish Foundation from the state budget in 2018. With that, total support for improvement of the state of fish resources will be EUR 925,500 next year. At the same time, the outlook for income from payments for the Fish Foundation is increased by EUR 207,723 in the 2018 budget.

Because of the tense situation with the state budget, which has continued for several years, it was not possible to secure appropriate subsidies from the state budget for the Fish Foundations until now. With that, it was not possible to use finances in accordance with goals detailed in the Fisheries Law – observation, repopulation and protection.

To search for a solution, discussions have been held with representatives of Latvian Local Governments Association in the past several years. Through those talks a compromise solution was finally reached for 2018. Agriculture Ministry’s prepared report and the government’s decision provide that talks regarding subsidies for the Fish Foundation will continue in future years.

The objective of the Fish Foundation is securing funding for scientific research associated with fish resources, pollution and the effect different industrial activities have on them, as well as repopulation and protection measures for different fish species.

Fishermen and fishermen’s associations have a great deal of interest in the size of subsidies provided for the Fish Foundations and efficient use of allocated funding. Associations whose main function is tied to use and protection of fish resources are interested in realizing projects to improve the situation for fish resources and society’s awareness in such matters using finances from the foundation.


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