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LRA refuses to sign cooperation agreement proposed by For Latvia’s Development

Valdis Verners/lv.wikipedia.org.
The board of Latvian Association of Regions has decided not to support the signing of the cooperation agreement with party For Latvia’s Development, says the party’s representative Valdis Verners.

Members of the board refused to sign this agreement because it does not fit the party’s focus. The document is also considered as legally incorrect, because it basically states that after the signing LRA will cease to exist as a result of the merge between the two parties, the representative notes.

LRA chairman Andrejs Ence says: We are currently preparing for Saeima elections. This means we are careful in consideration of our potential partners, their goals and ours. A party unites similarly-minded people under the flag of common values. This allows people to work together in reaching their objective. A good development potential lies with similarly-minded parties and associations.’

The agreement proposed by For Latvia’s Development is unacceptable for several reasons. First of all, the agreement does not allow for agreements that are already signed with existing partners. Secondly, the agreement does not define common values and specific objectives to be realized in the interest of Latvia’s society.

Thirdly, this agreement basically provides for the liquidation of LRA as a political union, the party representative says. The Law on Political Parties states that a party is allowed to be registered in a single party union. In addition, political unions are not allowed to found other party unions.

With that FLD’s proposal and the goal stated in the agreement to form a political union to start in 13th Saeima elections together with LRA is impossible if FLD’s true goal is liquidating LRA.

As noted by Ence, his party cannot agree with such established goal, because LRA’s goal is working in the interest of Latvia’s society, not forming new political groups.


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