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Latvian Healthcare Minister joins Green Party

Anda Čakša/Saeima Chancellery.
Latvian Green Party’s board reviewed Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša’s application to join the ranks of the party. With party chairman Edgars Tavars’ recommendation, her membership was approved.

As the minister mentioned in her motivation letter, preservation of the environment as a place people live in is at the top of her list of priorities.

Čakša also said that she stands in favour of efficient and transparent state administration, as well as proper use of resources to ensure quality and sustainable state development and motivating residents to stay in the country.

Čakša became Healthcare Minister of Latvia in June 2016. She replaced Guntis Belēvičs in this post. Before then, she was in charge of Children’s Clinical University Hospital.

While working as minister and helping to form the 2018 healthcare budget, Čakša succeeded reaching an agreement with coalition parties on allocation of an additional amount of more than EUR 300 million, says chairman of Latvian Green Party Tavars.


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