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Latvian president requests improvements of proposals for increase of energy security

Raimonds Vējonis/president.lv.
«Energy Security Committee should continue its work and improve proposals for increase of Latvia’s energy security in the next two months,» says President Raimonds Vējonis.

During his meeting with members of the Energy Security Committee at Riga Castle yesterday, 28 November, Vējonis emphasized that proposals have to present a comprehensive look at different matters associated with Latvia’s energy security, as well as provide detailed explanations for their influence on the country’s long-term development. «The committee has to submit a proposal for a way to improve energy policy in accordance with strategic interests of society and the state. The importance of strengthening Latvia’s energy security and improving growth of the national economy and residents’ welfare has to be taken into account as well,» says the president. He also said that it is important for the committee to clearly explain its work to society.

The State President’s Chancellery also reports that the committee had previously reported on its accomplishments and had analysed the current energy policy and its results when working on proposals for improvement of this policy.

The Energy Security Committee was formed in April 2016.


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