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Ķuzis: 94% of sex crimes against children are committed by people they know

Ints Ķuzis/flickr.com/State Police.
Approximately half of sex crimes committed against minors take place on the internet, said Chief of State Police Ints Ķuzis at a press-conference on protection of children against sexual violence.

He says more and more often children use online applications, such as Periscope, to live-stream their daily activities. Such applications create an environment in which sexual crimes become possible. Ķuzis also pointed towards the fact that often police arrest people whose computers are found to contain stores of child pornography acquired through different means, including such applications.

Police chief also said that approximately 94% of sex crimes are committed against children by people they know.

Mihails Papsujevičs, chief of State Probation Service, says that inter-institutional cooperation was established with State Police, State Probation Service, Prison Administration Office and other institutions two years ago to help better combat sex crimes against children. He said that the work group has met 286 times this year. It is expected that the number of meetings will grow even more before the end of the year.

Valdis Groza, Chief of Prison Administration Office’s Risk and Needs Assessment Office, says this inter-institutional cooperation helps form individual re-socialization plans early on.


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