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Vaškevičs feels «harsh but fair» attitude from court justice system in Austria

Vladimirs Vaškevičs/facebook.com.
Former deputy director of Latvia’s State Revenue Service Vladimirs Vaškevičs, who is accused of bribery and whose extradition from Austria has been a priority for Latvian authorities for some time now, says he feels «harsh but, thank God, fair» attitude from the Austrian court justice system.

In his interview to Neatkarīga, he was asked just how safe and stable he feels in Austria. The former official said «only dead men can feel calm and stable in this world, and even that is questionable».

Vaškevičs did not reveal his plans for the future. He only said that the most important thing is «what you have now. And right now I am undergoing medical treatment and studies.»

«Forgiving a murderer – it is the greatest human virtue. It is unimaginably hard. I don’t know if I can do that. Now they are in a better situation: they live, they have power, they drink and they are merry in their homeland. And it seems to me they are completely oblivious that conscience can and will definitely force a person to pay for what they have done. It is a law of life – it works without question and without mercy. I wish them to understand this law. But as for my good name, I have it and no one can take it away from me,» said Vaškevičs.

«I do have an advantage over the people trying to get me. I found the strength to regroup and look at the situation from a different perspective. This and materials of criminal cases collected in massive amounts by my wife gave me a clear view on the causes that have led to this situation and the roles of its participants. Time has revealed the truth behind all the lies that have been said about me by my political and criminal enemies. […] My attorneys have submitted all the proof of falsified charges against me to the court. There is enough reason to end this case,» Vaškevičs added.

He claims that aggression from the government and special services continues against him in Latvia. «There are a couple of examples to believe that. See for yourself. Unity member Latkovskis, head of Saeima’s Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee has made some unjustified accusations against me on social media. His behaviour matches the explanations behind my attempted assassination and the persecution that followed it. Another member of the same committee – K.Seržants – announced during a meeting on 1 November that medical conclusions about my health were falsified and bought. He basically accused Austrian authorities of being corrupt.»

The European Court for Human Rights, however, has not benefited Vaškevičs. He says he has only had «minor experience with this organization». «I am informed of Latvian officials affecting the review of my complaint in the European Court for Human Rights. This includes submitting false information about me,» said Vaškevičs.


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