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Latvia – 35th country in the world ICT development-wise

This year Latvia reached 35th place in the world in terms of development of information and communication technologies, as mentioned in the latest report by UN International Telecommunication Union.

Compared with 2016, Latvia has climbed five spots in the rating.

Estonia is ranked the highest among Baltic States – 17th. Lithuania is on 41st place. Compared with 2016, Estonia has dropped by three positions, whereas Lithuania’s position has remained unchanged.

Iceland, South Korea and Switzerland form the TOP 3 countries with the most developed information and communication technologies in the world. The TOP 10 also includes Denmark, UK, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Japan.

USA is on 16th place and Russia is on 45th place.

ICT is developed the least in the Republic of Chad (174th), Central African Republic (175th) and Eritrea (176th).

It is mentioned in this year’s report that accomplishments in internet development, data analysis, cloud services and AI development offer innovations and major reformation of business activities, management and improvement of human lives around the world.

ICT development index is calculated using a number of criteria, including access to information and communication technologies, the number of households that have computers and residents’ overall level of IT skills.

Latvia has been a member of ITU since 1991. ITU is the most important organization in the ICT industry. Decisions made by this organization affect this industry’s developments in every member state. ITU works in three main sectors – radio communications, telecommunications standardization and telecommunications development. ITU has a total of 193 member states and several hundred private sector members.


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