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Police dismantle criminal group that caused damage worth seven million euros to the state

Photo: facebook.com/State Police.
Latvian State Revenue Service’s Finance Police dismantled a criminal group in November 2017. A total of 34 searches were performed and two people were found suspect. The criminal group performed tax avoidance and money laundering operations, causing damages worth nearly seven million euros to the state, BNN was informed by SRS.

SRS Finance Police commenced a criminal process at the end of October in accordance with Part 2 of Section 218 and Part 3 of Section 195 of the Criminal Law. The criminal group in question was engaged in wholesale trade of food products – sugar and oil.

The group organized a network of fictive businesses with intent to avoid paying taxes and legalize illegally acquired finances.  To reduce VAT amount to be paid to the state and legalize illegally acquired money, participants of the scheme included in their VAT repots fictive and non-existent transactions with fictive businesses.

Five actually existing businesses and more than a dozen fictive businesses were involved in the illegal scheme. To change the origin of sold products and finances, businesses registered in Lithuania, Estonia and Poland were used in the criminal scheme, SRS explains.

«Investigators found out that the group consists of several people, two of which have been made suspects in the criminal process. One of the suspects – the organizer of the group had been noticed Finance Police once before in relation to a similar crime. The other suspect had been tried in the past for committing serious crimes and had been sentenced to prison,» SRS reports.

34 searches have been performed as part of the criminal process in homes of suspects, cars and offices in Riga, Livani, Aizkraukle and Kekava. Officers confiscated evidence related to the case – mobile phones, documents, computers, electronic data storage devices and code calculators.

In the interest of the investigation, no further information is released at this time, SRS notes.


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