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Pabriks: state interests should be held higher than party interests

Artis Pabriks/flickr.com.
Latvia cannot be allowed to drown in provincialism. It is in the country’s interest to maintain a course towards European and NATO values. In a situation when the number of centric and European-oriented parties is large, it is becoming harder and harder, because it leads to political fragmentation, and the main goal of it is reaching the 5% barrier during elections, not ensuring growth and development for Latvia, says MEP Artis Pabriks.

He continues: «It is parties’ objective to reject narrow ambitions and individual victories in the Saeima. This approach is one of the main reasons why Latvia until now has had the principle: where there are two Latvians there are three parties.»

Pabriks also mentions that the last Saeima and municipal elections show that fragmentation of political parties is fertile soil for ideologies to steer Latvia away from the path to becoming a stable, open and western country. Betting on hope that election results turn out beneficial for Latvia is naïve. «This is because in a time when European parties become weak and become more numerous, other political forces only become stronger. Secondly, it is important to understand that some residents have become disappointed in politics and expect politicians to start acting responsibly. There is a limit for expectations for reasonable decisions have.»

«I believe a responsible decision would be unifying European-oriented political forces. It is critically important, considering the geopolitical situation and growing populism in the world. I do not expect us to be safe from it in the nearest future. My belief is that once can win a battle here, but not the war. This is why similarly-minded parties in Latvia should unite and work together to reach common goals. If this does not happen, the next couple of years may turn out critical for Latvia’s continued existence,» says Pabriks.


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