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Leonīds Kalniņš: Russia’s attitude remains unfriendly towards Latvia

Leonīds Kalniņš/youtube.com.
So far Russia’s demonstrated attitude has remained unfriendly towards Latvia, said Commander of Latvian Armed Forces Leonīds Kalniņš in an interview to LNT.

Kalniņš said that Russia’s activities in military fields show aggression, not friendliness and desire to improve the country’s defensive capabilities.

He says that although Russia has pulled the majority of its forces from Belarus after Zapad exercises, some soldiers performing support functions still remain in the country. On top of that, Belarus and Russia have signed an agreement regarding the remainder of Russian military vehicles in this country.

«But this is not what’s most important. What is most important is Russia’s demonstrated attitude, which, unfortunately, is unfriendly towards Latvia,» adds Kalniņš.

The commander of Latvian armed forces said that Latvia remains under protection by NATO. However, he also said that Latvia should still focus on strengthening its own defensive capabilities.


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