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Kalniete: we should turn against populists that blacken liberal democratic values

Sandra Kalniete/EPP Group in the European Parliament.
«The totalitarian regime created by Bolsheviks continues inspiring modern dictators, but it is nothing more than manipulation of people’s minds. It serves as an example for modern radicals and populists,» says MEP Sandra Kalniete.

Following Kalniete’s request, special debates will be organized during a plenary session of the European Parliament on Wednesday, 15 November, on the Bolshevik uprising that took place in Russia 100 years ago and the heritage left from it.

According to Kalniete, who will open debates with a speech, «the hundred years since the Bolshevik uprising is a dark jubilee, because totalitarian thinking models that were put into the minds of Baltic and Eastern European people during the Soviet era have not been overcome yet. Changing one’s way of thinking is a long process that requires a lot of effort, knowledge and patience. To prevent repetition of crimes committed by totalitarian regimes – Stalin, Hitler, Mao and jihadists – we need memory and education. This would help create immunity in the minds of residents that would provide tolerance against totalitarian ideas in their infancy.»

As noted by Kalniete, «it is necessary to oppose left and right-wing populists and radicals that wish to blacken our liberal democratic values. Whenever we face the bloom of autocratic regimes, western democracies have to find a way to make our values more attractive. I strongly believe democracy will have the final word.»


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