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Latvia commits to performing more investments in armed forces

Photo: flickr.com/Latvijas armija.
Latvia has joined European Union’s Permanent structured cooperation efforts in security and defence, as confirmed by Defence Ministry.

On Monday, 13 November, during a joint meeting of the EU Foreign and Defence Council, Latvia’s Defence Minister Raimonds Begmanis and Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs signed the document on the formation of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) in security and defence, demonstrating Latvia’s commitment and readiness.

PESCO is the voluntary agreement of a number of countries to strengthen cooperation in European security and defence matters. PESCO member states are committed to performing appropriate financial investments in defence, including procurement of equipment and coordination of defence plans to prevent security breaches and improve availability of forces for possible crises outside of EU.

The ministry notes that PESCO will serve as a major step towards strengthening military capabilities of European member states. It will add to NATO and further improve EU-NATO cooperation.

Development of military capabilities is planned to be ensured using different projects that will be presented before the end of the year. A project of this kind would help react to crises situations on Europe’s external borders, Defence Ministry notes.

It is planned that PESCO introduction will come into force once Legislative Council approves the decision in December.

In accordance with European Council’s conclusions made on 15 December about the introduction of European Union Global Strategy in security and defence, as well as the discussions that followed, the European Council agreed about the need to begin adding all EU member states in PESCO.


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