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KNAB develops rules for basic principles of internal control system

To secure unified understanding of the basic principles that govern internal control system for prevention of corruption and conflicts of interests, a single list of rules has been developed for public institutions, as BNN was informed by Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

27 October 2017 marked the coming into force of Rules for internal control system’s basic principles for prevention of corruption and conflict of interest risks for public persons.

«Approved regulations serve as a step forward for KNAB’s efforts in combating corruption after the previously developed and approved guidelines for 2015-2020, which state that one of the main priorities for the corruption and fraud prevention policy is reorientation from external to internal control,» KNAB representatives say.

KNAB also notes that improvement of the internal control system if one of the most effective ways of reducing risks caused by corruption and conflict of interests in public institutions. Still, sometimes there are situations in which representatives say there is a system in place, whereas in reality it turns out that the system in place is nothing more than separate elements without coherent ties to one another.

To improve general comprehension behind the reasons for applying Cabinet of Ministers rules, KNAB will continue consulting and educating officials about the basic principles of corruption prevention in different institutions. The bureau will also continue developing guidelines to further improve internal control systems.


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