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Dutch and Latvian authorities dismantle international tax fraudsters group

As a result of an international cross-border operation performed by Dutch and Latvian authorities, an international tax fraudsters group was dismantled in October. This criminal group systematically robbed Netherlands by illegally acquiring funds up to EUR 1.7 million and later laundering them in Latvia.

On 31 October, Dutch and Latvian authorities coordinated and executed a cross-border law enforcement operation. The goal of this operation was neutralizing an international criminal group. This group performed tax fraud worth approximately EUR 1 million in Netherlands and laundered funds approximately EUR 1.7 million in Latvia. One of the ways they did this was investing in real estate.

Since 2012, this criminal group had performed systematic and intentional theft of finances from the country of Holland. Using companies owned in Latvia and Netherlands, approximately 400 Latvian citizens were recruited for work in Netherlands and, using fake documents, were illegally employed in different sectors of Holland’s national economy.

The criminal group also included two Dutch members, who represented a well-known business group in Netherlands. Both of them were arrested at Eindhoven Airport on 31 October after their return from Latvia.

Another member of the criminal group was also arrested – a Dutch citizen living in Latvia.

The operation included participation of approximately 50 officers of SRS Finance Police in Latvia and more than 200 officials of the Dutch Fiscal Information and Intelligence Service.

During the operation in Latvia, ten people were interrogated in accordance with the order received from Dutch authorities. Searches were also performed in seven locations in the country. Latvian credit institutions have also been asked to provide information on multiple accounts that were used to process the flow of illegal funds between Netherlands and Latvia.


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